ReynoArch Aluminum Composite Panels from Reynobond India !

  Aluminium composite material is made of Low Density Polyethylene. The Polyethylene core is laminated between two high-strength coil-coated aluminium sheets. Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) is a high performance fluoropolymer architectural coil coating system from PPG industries. ACM sheets can be easily fabricated (i.e. cut, bent, curved, drilled, grooved, punched and shaped) using common wood and metal working tools to suit specific design requirements. Aluminium composite material is one of the most thoroughly tested and recognized material in the building industry. The surface finish coatings retain colour consistency and the ability to perform in aggressive environments consisting of urban grime, acid rain and salt spray. ACM sheets can be easily cleaned with water and a sponge or a soft bristle brush and a mild detergent solution, which will restore the panel to its original appearance. Preserving our worldwide environment from the effects of contamination is imperative. Most qua

How Alstone WPC doors are Better than Ordinary PVC doors in the Market ?

  Techno Commercial benefits of Alstone WPC Doors Vs Other available PVC/WPC Doors.     S.No. FEATURES Other/Local WPC Doors   ALSTONE WPC  Doors BENEFITS OF ALSTONE WPC Doors   1 BRAND VALUE Majority of the players are new comers and do not have much experience on WPC production, as they outsource from other local vendors and label their brand. Alstone is in the building material segment for last 20 Decades and well trusted for its quality, Service and Capacity. Alstone is a Trusted Brand for WPC in building material segment 2 CAPACITY Other Manufacturers have limited capacity, they have 1 or 2 production Lines, some of the companies only outsource and do not produce. Hence large requirements cannot be serviced. Alstone has a largest production capacity with 8 production lines and can service large volumes in short time.  Alstone WPC has Reliable Capacity, for timely supplies. 3 IDEAL DENSITY As no guidelines, manufacturers regulate Density for commercial gains. Hence no standard DENS

Why WPC/PVC doors are better than Wooden Flush Door ?

  Alstone is the Pioneer in WPC {Wood polymer Composite} Products. One of their products in Solid and Decorative Doors.  Techno Commercial benefits of Alstone WPC Doors Vs Wooden Flush Doors.     S.No. FEATURES Wooden Flush  Doors   ALSTONE WPC  Doors BENEFITS OF WPC Doors   1 Waterproof Wooden Doors are not waterproof, they delaminate in presence of water. Alstone WPC Doors are 100% waterproof, even in prolonged exposure. WPC Doors provides long life even in adverse weather conditions. 2 Dimensional Stability Wooden Doors are highly unstable, as it Twists and Bends due to climatic conditions. Alstone WPC Doors are highly stable in all weather conditions.  WPC Doors Performs better. 3 Termite & Borer Proof Wooden Doors are prone to Termites and Borers due to presence of cellulose in wood. Alstone WPC Doors are 100% Termite and Borer proof.  WPC Doors provides long Life. 4 Antibacterial Wooden products are house for viruses, fungus and Bacteria. Alstone WPC Doors are Antibacterial &
     ALSTONE WPC VS Plywood   ·         Termite and Borer protection If we will talk about termite and borer protection than Alstone WPC has a major advantage in comparison to plywood. This is because Alstone WPC is made with the combination of 70% plastic and it just has 15% of wood fibers. So this makes it impossible for termite to get into Alstone WPC and damage them. But if you will talk about Marine grade plywood than it is made up of 100% wood that is why here marine grade plywood cannot compete with Alstone WPC. Further more I would like to add that now a days you will get plywood which has a termite resistant coating on every layer of marine plywood and the glue which is used into it is also good for making it termite resistant but in the end. Alstone WPC will be a better investment for you. ·         Water proofness If we will talk about water protection than both of them are very good. Because as we talked above that Alstone WPC is made up of plastic so that is

Exterior Wood Polymer Composite Door made for India

Can WPC Wood Polymer composite Doors be used in Exteriors ? When it comes to home Exterior doors are the first to get noticed hence these should be aesthetic, secure , heavy, maintenance free, resistant to wear and damage, scratch proof, bend and warp proof, energy efficient .exterior doors are in under constant conditions of weather effects like sunlight , rains and prone to impact load. For all these reasons WPC Doors are considered to be perfect. With a density of approx. 750kg/m3 , These doors are strong with a solid core density to withstand heavy impact loads. Its outer finish provides resistance to wear and tear, scratches . With an ability to be crafted in any pattern with CNC routing , UV printing , paint and polish it offers a very aesthetic appeal. As Exterior Doors are always facing the sun and temperature variations from hot summers to splashing rains to chilly winters all through the year , it is a must for them to be weather resistant . Temperature variation of seasons w

What type of doors can be hanged on WPC door frames

WHAT TYPE OF DOORS CAN BE HANGED ON WPC DOOR FRAMES There were mainly 3 materials available for making door frames namely wood, aluminium and metal (iron) which were in use since ages .As experience have told us each has its own merits and demerits over one another and hence choosing any one is highly dependent on what is the most important factor we need most over its other disadvantages. Now that we have another new material in the form of the WPC for making frames, there are certain kinds of misinformation or doubt on where and why it should be used. As WPC Looks soft material , many think will it be able to hang any kind of doors. A door frame plays an important role by providing a lasting support for the door, locks and hinges. Hence it should stand strong in all conditions of natural and man made calamities like harsh weather, insects, fire , burglary attempts which would lead to its decay. Wooden door frames are prone to decay, warp, bend , termite and moisture attack and are no

What is PVC laminates and How do you decide which Laminate is better ?

What is PVC laminates and How do you decide which Laminate is better ? If you are looking for the perfect decorative finish for your modular kitchen, wardrobe, or furniture, you might want to consider PVC laminates. They are both versatile and durable, and people use them extensively in home interiors for a stylish vibe. To make the decision easier for you, we have put together this primer on PVC laminates, their properties, uses and maintenance tips. What are PVC laminates? PVC laminates are multi-layered laminate sheets based on Poly Vinyl Chloride, made by compressing paper and plastic resins under high pressure and temperature. They are used as a decorative layer on top of raw surfaces such as plywood, Wood polymer composite or MDF. What are the properties of PVC laminates? PVC laminate sheets are thin, and range from 0.05 mm to 2 mm in thickness. They are flexible and you can bend them up to 90 degrees around the edges, making them suitable for intricate designs with ridges. The m